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What our customers are saying...

At Isolate Botanicals our aim is to provide the very best quality CBD products. But what really matters are the results our products bring to our customers. 

Jade Rambaut

I’ve been using Isolate Botanicals CBD products for about 3 months now. The vape is an instant calmer, I use it at night after I stretch… my mind is calmer, I’m relaxed in both body and mind, I sleep better. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Stephen Gilbert

Isolate Botanicals CBD oil has dramatically improved my pain to a level that I has enabled me to reduce my regular strong painkillers which I had been taking for years! Thank you so much!

Craig & Jo Grant

When 10-year-old Rambo was effectively paralysed after a spinal injury he needed a major op which was 50/50 if he’d make it through.  We had a long uncertain road ahead of us as he also has a heart murmur but with weekly hydrotherapy and twice daily CBD oil he is making a remarkable comeback to his happy self and getting back to running again.

Natalie Sassoon

I’ve been taking Isolate CBD oil now for 2 months and it has stopped me getting severe migraines. I have tried everything for my migraines, which have become more regular in the last few years & this has been the only thing that has worked!  Also, gives me a wonderful sleep!  

Sarah Manning

I had trouble sleeping and so started to use the CBD chill vape oil in the evenings and it’s made a huge difference. I’m falling asleep much quicker and not waking up during the night. Would definitely recommend. I also use the Zest drops in the morning and they keep my anxiety at bay during the day which is something I struggled with before.

Lorraine Gilbert

I started using CBD when my back went into spasm and it helped relax me. After physio therapy I discovered I have a problem with my sacral iliac joint and had been having neuropathic pain for years down my leg. I realised that the CBD had improved my pain What I didn’t realise is that if has cured the neuralgia in my face that I’ve suffered with for over 20 years I can’t believe how CBD has changed my life without all the nasty side effects of drugs Thank you so much

Julie Dobbins

My 17 son started using the CBD PURE drops a couple of months ago. He had had moderate acne for a couple of years but this worsened and he developed severe acne vulgaris. He was fed up and his self-esteem was low because his acne was red, sore and really noticeable. He had tried a few antibiotics topically and tablets and had lost faith that anything would help. I helped him apply the oil drops on all the affected areas every evening and after a few days, the inflamed areas improved. His acne was severe and so improvement takes time but the acne is not as raw and the spot size has decreased. Many areas are stubborn and consistent application of the drops brings the best result. There are more areas of clearer skin now although his acne is severe so treatment is taking commitment and patience. I thoroughly recommend the CBD oil drops and thank you so much for this lifeline